GotYour6 Affiliate Programs recognize the value of R&R.

Beyond the peace of mind you get with GotYour6 identity protection, you can also enjoy some R&R with any of our affiliate programs. You may know the term "R&R" as military slang for "Rest and Relaxation," but we use it to signify the "Referrals and Rewards" that are the foundation of the GotYour6 Affiliate Programs.

By helping us spread the word for GotYour6, you can earn rewards for yourself, your team, or your organization for every subscriber you refer.

We believe the power of word-of-mouth marketing is a positive way to grow awareness for GotYour6 and encourage others to guard against identity theft.

Our promise to you.

Our goal is to keep you as a loyal customer. We know that to DESERVE that loyalty we must EARN your trust. With that commitment, we make and keep the following promises to you.

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We Promise

To always REWARD our affiliates every month for every customer referred.


We Promise

Transparency. You will be able to see the total commissions paid to affiliates every month.

GotYour6 has an Affiliate Plan for Everyone.

I.A.P. - Individual Affiliate Program


For the self-starter who is driven day in and day out to do the work and reap the reward from a job well done.

20% Revenue share for every subscriber, every month for as long as they are a customer.

T.A.P - Team Affiliate Program


For those of you that like to build teams and leverage the efforts of others to create a bigger opportunity than you can do on your own.

Earn 10% of the monthly subscriber fee for every person in every direction from your network through five circles of influence.

A.M.P. - Affinity Marketing Program


For Schools and Churches, banks and fundraisers...each Affinity group receives their own unique identifier name.

Receive the 20% referral commission every month, for every subscriber for as long as they remain a subscriber and it still allows those subscribers to become their own referrer or share the Affinity code.

How Much Can Affiliate Members Earn?

Our income calculator can help forecast your potential earnings when you become an Affiliate Member within one of our exciting program opportunities.

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