Cancellation Policy and Procedure

You can cancel anytime you want (that’s the policy part). If for some reason you decide you no longer want to be a member of the GotYour6 Program simply call us at 1-800-711-NCDI or email us at billing[at]GotYour6[dot]com and we will cancel your membership (that’s the procedure part). We won’t like it, but we’ll do it. And we may ask you to stay, but if you must go, we will let you go. Wait…truth is we don’t want to lose any member and we reserve the right to beg and plead for you to stay while still retaining our dignity; but it is your decision.

We don’t offer refunds (more policy stuff), only because there isn’t anything to refund. And we aren’t trying to be cute but we want to be clear. We bill at the end of the month (in arrears), which means you were provided access and your identity was protected the entire month that the service was available. So if you call or email us to cancel your membership, you are canceling for the next month of service and thus we will discontinue billing you in the future.

Because you are leaving us.

So it’s not right to keep billing you.

So we won’t.

But if you want to stay, you can.

We want you to.

The other reason we don’t issue refunds is because we gave almost all of the money away. It went to protective services, affiliate members of the program and some worthwhile causes. Listen, we really shouldn’t even have to have a policy on this topic because there’s really no reason for you to consider leaving so let’s just put all this crazy talk behind us…. Ok good…thanks for staying.

The purpose of this cancellation policy is not to create revenue for the Company, but to recover operating expenses incurred from protecting the company’s financial wellbeing from those individuals who would take financial advantage of our program instead of utilizing of our easy cancellation policy. This policy creates a means of feedback, ensures cost recovery, supports the goals of the Company, and allows everyone to share in the success of the Company.

What is a chargeback?

When a bank forcibly reverses a credit card transaction, returning funds to the cardholder, it is known as a chargeback. Chargebacks are usually issued when fraudulent purchases have been made on a person's credit card. However, consumers may request a chargeback for nearly any reason; as a result, it is possible to accidentally commit "friendly fraud."

How GotYour6 handles chargebacks

When GotYour6 receives a chargeback notice, the account in which the service was purchased is immediately blocked, and all related services in the account are terminated. GotYour6 always considers chargebacks to be the result of fraud; since fraudulent purchases are often associated with malware and phishing, immediate termination of all services related to the chargeback is the best way to protect our community and the public from damage.

How do I cancel a chargeback?

To undo a chargeback, you must contact your credit card provider and issue a chargeback reversal. Reversing the chargeback is the only way to restore a blocked account. Chargeback reversal notices are often sent by postal mail, which can result in days without access to the account or its services; when contacting your provider, please ensure they email a copy of the paperwork to Notices[at]GotYour6[dot]com to allow us to restore account access as quickly as possible. You may contact our Billing Team via email at Billing[at]GotYour6[dot]com will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

Remember, the one and only way to restore a blocked account is to reverse the chargeback. This action will return the funds back to us, cancel the penalty fee we receive for "allowing" fraud to be committed, and generally erase any "black marks" against us for the transaction. We do not accept additional payment for services on a different card.

Should a chargeback be issued, whether by accident or on purpose, GotYour6 will attempt to resolve the situation with the subscriber. If the chargeback is still processed the member account linked to the purchase in question will be deactivated along with any services and benefits associated with the chargeback. All access to GotYour6 services and programs will be terminated immediately.

If the chargeback has not been completed:

To have access to GotYour6 services and programs reinstated GotYour6 will need the following:

  • Chargeback to be resolved and stopped.
  • Plus a $55 chargeback fee must be paid.

If the chargeback has been completed:

To have access to GotYour6 services and programs activated again GotYour6 will need the following:

  • Repayment of all funds that were charged back.
  • Plus a $75 chargeback fee.

If no action is taken to resolve the chargeback:

  • All access to services and programs will remain deactivated
  • Customer account will be terminated.
  • All earnings, if any, will be forfeited.
  • Member will be unable to access GotYour6 in the future