Common Questions about Affiliate marketing.

Q. Why is it called “Got Your 6”?

A. “Got Your 6” is a phrase used by military and law enforcement personnel that means “I’ve got your back”. They say it to let each other know they are looking out for one another. Picture a clock laying flat, 12:00 is your front, 3:00 is your right side, and of course 6:00 is your back. And that is exactly what we do for our Subscribers…we watch their back!

Q. Why would GotYour6 pay out 50% of the company revenues?

A. GotYour6 agrees with something our founder and CEO says all the time, “Dollars are easy to come by…relationships aren’t.” We take that to heart in dealing with everyone. It reminds us to place the value on the relationship with the person and not the money that can be made. Likewise, we would prefer to invest in, and reward, the people who help us grow the company over purchasing traditional advertising (and infomercials) and hope people respond. Even if at some point we choose to utilize traditional advertising to gain more attention, we will not stop paying out 50% commissions. It’s one of our promises!

Q. Do I receive 10% every month?

A. YES! And that is one of the most appealing things about our Affiliate Program. For as long as you remain Active as an Affiliate and your referrals remain Active as paying Subscribers, you receive 10% of their monthly subscription fee EVERY month for EVERY Subscriber in your network!

Q. What does an Affiliate have to do to stay Active and continue receiving commissions?

A. It’s incredibly easy and fair! Simply and successfully refer just 4 new subscribers every 12 months. Most people can get that done on their first day as an affiliate with family members, co-workers, neighbors, friends, classmates, social networks, strangers, whom ever. It’s that simple.

Q. How do I receive my commissions?

A. We pay all commissions through PayPal. It’s quick easy and free. You just need to provide your PayPal account when you enroll to be an Affiliate. If you don’t have one they are very easy to get just visit

Q. Is this a pyramid scheme?

A. No. GotYour6 is not a pyramid scheme. It is certainly true that we utilize a unique compensation model and pay our Affiliates through five ‘circles of influence’. But that is merely an expansion of traditional Affiliate Marketing Programs available to marketers online. We only compensate Affiliates for generating sales of GotYour6’s identity theft protection services and NOT for recruiting Affiliates. There are no bonuses for signing people up to become an affiliate; as a matter of fact there are no bonuses at all. Just straight commission sales. If you refer a customer who subscribes we give you a 10% commission. The uniqueness of our program is that we have budgeted a larger percentage of sales to pay commissions (50%) than we have budgeted for traditional advertising. We believe word of mouth to be more powerful form of marketing. So that’s the quick and direct answer. But you deserve a deeper explanation; so let’s explore what sets GotYour6 Identity Theft Protection Multi-Affiliate Prorgram (MAP) apart from the competition.

  • No commissions are generated for recruiting new Affiliates, only for sales. Commissions are only paid when a consumer purchases a monthly subscription to GotYour6 ’s identity theft protection program. Pyramids, on the other hand, pay commissions simply for recruiting new participants to the program. In a pyramid there is no product sold or service provided. GotYour6 is a fee for service business.
  • There is no financial incentive for an Affiliate to subscribe to the GotYour6 identity theft protection program. Pyramids often charge a fee to participate in their program (a “recruiting fee” or “headhunting fee”), but they disguise the headhunting fee by asserting that the participants’ payments are for product or service purchases. However, if you drill into these programs, you will find the reason people purchase the product or service is to qualify for commissions. We have designed GotYour6 ‘s compensation program with NO personal sales quota as a pre-requisite to earning compensation. In fact, even if an Affiliate buys a subscription, it does not qualify the Affiliate for compensation. By removing the financial incentive for Affiliates to purchase a GotYour6 subscription, the only reason for an Affiliate to make a purchase is to enjoy the benefits of identity theft protection.
  • You can be an Affiliate, and earn Affiliate Commissions, WITHOUT purchasing a GotYour6 subscription. This is closely related to the previous point, but it warrants further discussion. If someone wishes to be an Affiliate and earn Affiliate commissions, they can enroll as an “Affiliate Only” on our website. It’s free to enroll, and the Affiliate can earn the same commissions as an Affiliate who purchased a subscription so your only investment would be the time you spend telling others or emailing them about our identity theft protection programs.
  • GotYour6 offers 3 distinct levels of Identity Theft Protection. Legitimate affiliate programs sell legitimate services and products. There is no question that identity theft has become the #1 crime in the world. There is also no question that consumers have their choice of identity theft protection programs to which they can subscribe.

We are extremely proud of our unique offer and sales and marketing approach, and we have carefully designed our compensation plan so that there are no disguised headhunting fees or other purchases necessary to earn commissions. However, structuring a program properly is just the beginning. To continue running GotYour6 as a legitimate and legal program, we need your help! You see, even a legitimate business model or marketing program can become distorted. Therefore, we ask that if someone ever pushes you to buy a subscription to GotYour6 ’s identity theft protection services because it ‘represents a ticket to financial success’, please let us know, as this is an abuse of our program, and we will take the disciplinary measures necessary to put a stop to it.

We hope this clears up any questions you may have on this critical topic, and we are excited that you have chosen to visit our website. So take some time to look around. We think you will like what you see!